What does RepeatMD do?

RepeatMD builds your practice a private-label mobile rewards program to sell more of your high-margin services.


Your mission is to transform patients lives
– not stress over marketing.

We know it’s not fair to spend more money on marketing every month and get fewer results. We help practices stop wasting their time and money on ineffective marketing practices. Schedule a demo today if you can relate to any of these problems when it comes to marketing your practice…

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Your office manager is
too busy.

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You don’t have time to do
it all.

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Can’t measure your ROI.

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You’re spending more and
getting less / same results.

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High-Margin services not
getting attention.

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Referrals are hard to track
or grow.

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RepeatMD has been the best tool to grow our cash-based services.

The hardest part of investing in a new treatment for us has always been marketing it. Now we have thousands of members we can market to. This has been one of those services that it’s hard to imagine life without it after trying it.

Deni Lathrop

FLOW Aesthetics

Mobile Rewards

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10X More Effective than Traditional Marketing

We combined the effectiveness of rewards programs with the power of text message marketing. The results are the industry’s best patient retention tool with the highest ROI.