Les Encres Threads

Everything we do is to enhance your vision of beauty.

We believe the body is a canvas, our clinical tools are the ink and each skilled brush stroke reverses the effects of time. 

Through the efficient distribution of superior medical devices and the delivery of uncompromised educational services to clinical and aesthetic professionals, we help bring the artistry of cosmetic threading to life.



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Les Encres believes in the collective power of great minds. Our Medical Advisory Board is comprised of respected thought leaders from distinct industries. They regularly evaluate our training programs and medical devices, provide relevant technical expertise and offer invaluable peer review feedback.

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Our coaching modules are 100% hands-on, technique driven sessions that provide a systematic approach to results for both patients and practitioners alike. Whether you are new to cosmetic threads or are wanting to expand your current skill set, we offer support and ongoing educational opportunities to help you build your threading confidence and expand your patient’s results.

Our team of skilled coaches create targeted performance objectives for each session and our dedicated Clinical Specialist is committed to answering your questions throughout your partnership with Les Encres.

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Les Encres is dedicated to raising the standards of safety and product quality in cosmetic threading. We designed our product pouch to resist heat and moisture maintaining product stability and viability.

Each pouch is pre-labeled and bar-coded with detailed product labels for accurate charting. All pouches are scanned and electronically recorded by the batch, lot and expiration date.

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The Les Encres team has a heart to see their providers succeed because your success means patients are experiencing a new view of themselves.  And THAT is what directs us! We aim to provide your patients with the best cosmetic thread option on the market and you with every possible tool for success.

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Our leadership team has taken great strides to be the best in the industry. From our custom designed thread pouch that provides more product protection than any other, to our comprehensive, hands-on coaching sessions, Les Encres is leading the way to raising the standards of excellence.


Les Encres is changing the cosmetic thread industry by providing superior medical device products supported by a comprehensive education and business development program