Lock Rx

Smart Solutions RX, Inc.

Smart Solutions RX, Inc. formulates, develops, manufactures, and distributes products for medical aesthetics applications to hair and skin. A blend of scientific research and innovative formulation and delivery systems are the hallmark, as evidenced in the LOCKrx brand for healthy hair support. Medical aesthetic protocols and workshops are integrated into the superior customer support program.

Cynthia Rager, CEO

Cynthia has owned and sold companies in the medical aesthetics realm, including a successful skincare manufacturing company and a privately owned medspa. Her product development expertise has an emphasis on creative applications of novel ingredients, with emphasis on regenerative applications as well as natural, organic, and eco-friendly products for private label and contract manufacturing for medical aesthetics. Cynthia also guest-hosted with several of her product lines on HSN (Home Shopping Network) for over 8 years. She is an owner/partner of Vision Medical, Inc., a medical device manufacturing company that manufactures SmartGraft for hair replacement surgery. While Cynthia is well known for her expertise in hair science, she also possesses the honored title of Violet Whisperer and can achieve things not only impressive with an ailing plant but borderline magical.

MaryBeth Tryens, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Tryens comes to LOCKrx with more than 25 years of experience in hospitality and manufacturing. With a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management, and training, she is a dedicated, approachable, reliable, personable, and motivated member of the Smart Solutions RX’s team. Ms. Tryens finds enjoyment in supporting the office and staff as well as Smart Solutions RX’s customers in all aspects of daily operations. And she can fold an origami box like nobody’s business.

Julia Swankoski, Social Media Director and Event Coordinator

Ms. Swankoski comes to LOCKrx with a background in secondary education and sales. In addition to content writing and advising on marketing campaigns and publications, Ms. Swankoski is responsible for leveraging the power of social media to help SmartGraft and its partners to grow a competitive and successful online presence. Her ability to successfully multi-task, her creative and thoughtful ideas and her willingness to work as a team toward the greater good have earned her respect among those who work alongside her. Ms. Swankoski is the type of person who goes to a party and makes lifelong friends….with the dog.

Adriana Fazio, Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Fazio is responsible for Vision Medical’s marketing communications activities (including communications planning, promotions, events, publications, and marketing materials), media relations, and online presence (including social media and websites). Ms. Fazio brings over 20 years of experience from the medical aesthetic industry and leads and motivates a talented and energetic team. And she will try to convince you to buy a Peloton bike, a MIRROR or her newest find on Amazon the first time you talk to her.